Tools and devices

From special tools for screed layers and plasterers to general construction tools, our product range here is wide.
In the development of our tools and machines, the focus is always on the needs of the user.
We produce many products in-house and so they are MADE IN AUSTRIA.

Screed layers tools – Screeding levels – Flooring trowes – Wobble bar – Trousers for screed layer – Smoothing shoes – Wooden ladders – ladder accessories – T-profiles and h-profiles – Smoothing trowels – Plaster spatulas – Smoothing spatulas – Wall spatulas – Sponge floats – Plaster planes – Grinding tools – Drywall tools – Knives and swas – Handmixer – Construction tools– LED-floodlights – Styroform cutters – Battery-smoothing machine – Smoothing discs

PET Product catalog & brochures

Browse through our catalog to view our full range of products. For some products there are additional flyers with detailed information.

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